About Me

IMG_7202I often say that I make felt because I don’t knit. There is a story behind this, many years ago a friend inspired a whole group of us to start or continue knitting. I tried, and I can knit – but it was never a hobby that grabbed me in any way. The same friend suggested that I tried making felt and showed me how to make a simple piece of flat felt – and I was hooked! Since then I’ve read, experimented and been on IFA (International Feltmakers Association) workshops, expanding my skills. Years of practice, failure, and success.

Alongside that I have also continued to play with paints, other textiles, embroidery, rusty nails, paper, card, inks, stencils, and anything else I can lay my hands on, following on from discovering art journalling and similar mixed media techniques several years ago and again, attending workshops to further my skills and try out new techniques and products.IMG_7199

The results now combine together into the artwork I make, both for myself and to sell.

I love to make things and I love encouraging other people to make things. I firmly believe that everyone is creative in some way – even if that way is in how you design your garden or how you solve technological problems. Creativity is a large part of who I am, and I love to have some fun with it – playing with texture, colour, and different materials, making something unique.

I find inspiration all around me. I live surrounded by fells, moors, and the sea. I love to find wildflowers growing through old buildings. I find inspiration in the mix of textures and colours, in words, ideas and in all the messy bits of living.

To find our more about my work read here.